Vertical Radiators

Crafted in Italy for optimal space use and heat distribution, these radiators combine style and functionality for hard-to-heat spaces. Our range offers a slim, stylish solution for personalised home heating with over a hundred RAL colours and 12 exclusive finishes to seamlessly integrate these radiators into your space.

Finding The Right Radiator For Your Space

Vertical radiators offer efficient heat outputs while minimizing space requirements, making them a preferred choice in contemporary homes. Our collection of designer radiators is meticulously crafted in Italy, ensuring the highest quality, and is available in a variety of signature and RAL finishes.

Tailoring Warmth: Choosing the Right Vertical Radiator for Your Space

When considering tall, vertical radiators for spaces like the one showcased in this kitchen, a height of 1800mm is generally suitable for most UK homes. In instances where the ceiling exceeds 3 meters, opting for a taller radiator ensures proportional aesthetics.

Explore our Florence 3 Column, a popular choice offering a balanced blend of depth and heat output. Its 3 Column design is widely favoured for its efficiency and style in vertical radiators. Additionally, our collection includes curved radiators, perfect for bay windows and radial walls, providing both a versatile solution to hard-to-heat places. 

Vertical blue Florence 3 column 1800mm with Niva valve in kitchen

Tall Radiators, Slim Style: The Art of Personalised Home Heating

Stylising a tall radiator might seem daunting, given its status as a staple furniture piece. Our Florence range, catering to tall and slim radiator preferences, presents over a hundred RAL colours and 12 exclusive Castrads finishes. As you make decisions about colour and size, consider their nuanced impact on your space. The interplay of colours and proportions can subtly reshape the atmosphere, allowing your radiator to assert its individuality.

For any guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for a free design consultation. 


Wall mounted Florence 4 Column radiator in RAL #6025 Fern green