Curved Radiators

We work with IRSAP, Italy’s premier steel column radiator specialists, to deliver Florence radiators that are curved to fit perfectly with bay windows, radial walls and columns.

How To Integrate Curved Radiators Into Your Interior

How To Measure For Curved Radiators

1. Measure the width (the chord) and depth (the camber)

Using a straight edge, such as a piece of wood, measure the width of the curved part of the wall from one corner to the other.

Ensure that the camber measurement is both perpendicular to the length of the chord and at its midpoint.


Annotated Diagram of a curved steel radiator under a bay window

3. Assess the length of the radiator

Allow at least 100mm either side of the radiator for valves. For instance if the arc of the curve is 1000mm, choose a radiator no longer than 800mm.

4. Check the height of the radiator

If the radiator is under a window, we suggest leaving 100mm between the top of the radiator and the bottom of the sill. Don’t forget that the advertised height of Florence radiators does not include feet. Allow 100mm for the feet. For instance a Florence 2 Column 300mm will actually measure 400mm tall once installed.

5. Go deeper for more heat

Curved radiators are typically available in 2, 3 or 4 column variants. A 4 column gives roughly twice the amount of heat of a 2 column radiator, all other things being equal. It is possible to make even deeper arched radiators up to 6 Columns. Get in touch for specialist projects.

White, curved steel column radiator in a living room bay window

Colour & Finish Options: Tailoring Your Curved Radiator to Your Space

When it comes to our range of curved radiators, you’ll find an extensive selection of over a hundred RAL colours and 12 exclusive finishes. Personalizing your radiator goes beyond just colour and finish – our curated selection of valves is designed to contribute seamlessly to the overall style of your space.

Feel free to consult our team for a complimentary design session, ensuring your curved radiator, down to the smallest detail, becomes a harmonious and stylish part of your home.

Antique brass TRV on a fern green wall-mounted steel column radiator.