Painted and polished finishes developed especially for cast iron

Ornate cast iron radiator in hand polished aged gold finish

Our Cast Iron Finishes

1. Signature Collection

Our core range of popular whites, greys and blacks. Signature Collection finishes are included in the price of your radiator.

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2. Branded Paints

Choose any colour from Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Benjamin Moore and others. Branded paints are priced at £6.92 + VAT per section.

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3. Bare Metals

At the top of the range, our Bare Metal finishes are produced by hand with layers of lacquer on polished cast iron. Bare Metal finishes are priced at £31.00 + VAT per section.

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Signature Collection

Grey Bronze
Iron Grey
Astral Grey Dark
Astral Grey Mid
Matt Black
Midnight Ink
Black Iron
Bright White
Ceramic White

Signature Collection

Our core range of popular neutrals and monochrome finishes, developed especially for cast iron.

We have refined our painting process over the years ensuring the finish is hard-wearing and stays looking great.
Each radiator is dip primed and cured with infra-red, then dipped and cured again. After priming, radiators get two coats of hard-wearing two-pack paint, again with infra-red curing in between.

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cast iron radiator with ornate radiator valves

Bare Metals

Aged Gold
Beaten Brass
Natural Brass
Natural Pewter
Ox Blood
Etch-Coated Polish
Full Polish
Mirror Polish
Sapphire Blue
Satin Polish
Wimbledon Green

Bare Metal Collection

Brilliant, lustrous finishes produced by hand using lacquers and specialist polishing techniques.

We begin by tumbling the cast iron sections for 10 hours in a giant drum filled with ceramic pebbles. The sections are then tumbled for a further 8 hours with small porcelain beads and water.
Powdered porcelain from the beads makes a paste with the water which gives a high shine to the surface of the iron.
We then use layers of primer and tinted lacquers to create deep colours that allow the lustre of the metal to show through.

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School style cast iron radiator custom made in the UK

Polished by hand

For the polished finishes as well as Natural Brass and Aged Gold, the process is entirely manual. Each section is carefully polished against a spinning wheel through 12 grades of increasingly fine abrasive to achieve the various effects. They are then lacquered to complete the finish.

Polishing cast iron is a highly labour-intensive process. For that reason, we only polish those surfaces that will be seen. The side of the radiator that will face the wall is left lacquered but unpolished. This helps us keep the price you pay as low as possible. If all of the radiator will be seen please advise us and we will polish the whole radiator.

School style cast iron radiator in full polish

Branded Paints

Make it a Match

For a seamless drench or a vibrant pop, choose your colours from our favourite paint collections.

We use genuine branded paints under licence from Little Greene, Farrow & Ball and Benjamin Moore. Radiators are finished with the same dip prime and painting process as for our Signature Collection finishes for intense colour and a tough, long-lasting finish.

We can’t offer cast iron samples of the branded paints because there are so many to choose from but follow us on Instagram to see our radiators in their sublime colours. For colour cards and plenty more detail on their paints head to the retailers’ websites. We don’t list every single branded paint finish online. If there’s something you’d like, get in touch.

Mercury 4 Column 360mm in Paper & Paint Library Muga
Little Greene Paint & Paper logo

Little Greene is a British family-run company with a strong eco-friendly ethos. They specialise in historic paints and wallpapers which they produce in North Wales.

Like Castrads, they were established in Manchester and continue to take inspiration from the long industrial heritage of the area.

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Farrow & Ball logo

Farrow & Ball is based in Dorset where they produce their artisanal paints and wallpapers inspired by National Trust archives.

Our Chelsea showrooms are right next door to each other on Fulham Road, where they opened their first flagship store back in 1996.

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Founded in Brooklyn in 1883, Benjamin Moore is one of North America’s leading suppliers of premium paints.

A favourite brand among our American customers, Benjamin Moore is now available in the UK with their London store located a few doors away from our own in Chelsea’s interiors quarter.

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