Radiator Refurbishment

Restoring radiators is a passion for us.

Victorian radiators can be fully reconditioned to run happily on a modern heating system, perfectly compatible with thermostatic valves, heat pumps and biomass boilers. Prices start from £350 for smaller radiators and from £600 for larger or more complex restorations.

We can add modern energy-saving controls for improved comfort and there is usually no need for new pipework, making reinstallation uncomplicated. On top of this, our collection and redelivery service makes it all trouble-free. The customer support team will consult and guide you throughout the process.

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Restored American Radiator Company Radiator

Preserve a piece of history

By choosing to refurbish, you are maintaining a really impressive piece of engineering. The evolution of central heating and radiators weaves together the social and industrial histories of Britain, Europe and America. Our craftsmen will allow you to cherish your own little piece of this story.

Restored Rococo radiator by American Radiator Company in The Norman on West 93rd Street New York

Environmental benefits

Peer-reviewed work we have done with Salford university shows that a refurbished cast iron radiator has a carbon footprint 95% lower than that of a new one.

Iron is one of the world’s most recycled metals. Cast iron radiators are made from scrap; and at the end of their very long lives will themselves be re-melted once again to form something new. This means that the antique metal you are refurbishing could have an even longer history than you think.


In expert hands

With our roots in architectural salvage, our experience in reconditioning original radiators goes way back – it’s where Castrads started.

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Original steam radiator refurbishment