Bay Window Radiators

Explore our assortment of low-level radiators, specially crafted for bay windows and snug, challenging spaces. Discover a quick and straightforward guide on selecting, measuring, and styling the ideal radiator for your unique needs.

Choosing The Right Bay Window Radiator: A Helpful Guide

Measuring For Radiators in Windows: Getting the Right Fit

Ensuring the right fit for your bay window radiators begins with precise measurements. When measuring for height, maintain a 4″ gap between the top of the radiator and the sill for an aesthetically pleasing look. Consider opting for a deeper model or adding an additional radiator if more heat is needed in the space. For those with curved walls in their bay window spaces, our curved steel column radiators offer a practical and sleek heating solution designed to suit the distinctive architectural features

Bay window Emmeline I 465mm cast iron radiator in Paint & Paper Library Truffle

Measuring for a Radiator in a Square Alcove or Bay

When situating a radiator in a square-sided alcove or bay, attention to detail is key. Match the radiator width to that of the window in a square bay and account for valve space by allowing approximately 4″ on either side. Ensure a minimum of 2″ from the pipe to the wall for easy manual adjustments.


Diagram of singular, long bay window radiator

Measuring for a Single Radiator in an Angular Bay Window

A single radiator in an angular bay window exudes classic simplicity. To maintain a well-proportioned look, ensure the valves do not extend beyond the bay corners. Keep the radiator within the dashed lines in our diagram for optimal sizing. Allow approximately 4″ on either side for valves. For a 58″ distance between the dashed lines, aim for a radiator length around 50″, striking the right balance.

Diagram of a singular bay radiator in an angular window

Measuring for Multiple Radiators in an Angular Bay Window

Arranging multiple radiators in an angular bay requires thoughtful spacing. Keep each radiator, including valves, within the width of the window reveal, with an additional 4″ on each side for valves. For more flexibility, follow the guidance in our diagram, allowing approximately 6″ from the outer edge of the valve to the bay corner—ideal for accommodating floor-length curtains and maintaining a harmonious look.

Diagram of multiple radiators in an angular bay window

Finishing Touches: Exploring Designer Options for Bay Window Radiators

Our cast iron range can be finished in a variety of designer paint options, including popular choices like Farrow and Ball, Paint & Paper Library, and Little Greene. Additionally, we offer bare metal and a selection of exclusive Castrads signature finishes. With these diverse options, you can easily match your bay window radiators to any interior, providing a subtle and tailored touch to your home. For any guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for a free design consultation. 
Photo of a pink Rococo under a bay window in Standon Hall