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        • Steam radiators
        • Cast iron is the proven choice for steam radiators. Ours are built to last in a range of finishes.

        • Grace 4 Column 14in, F&B Elephant's Breath, Windsor Antique Copper
        • Cast iron radiators
        • A carefully curated range of styles. An unrivalled range of finishes in unparalleled designs.

        • Mercury
        • Delicate V-detailing on crisp columns, elegantly tapered feet and flawlessly blended top curves.

        • Rococo
        • Lavishly detailed cast iron radiators with an intricate floral motif and scrolled tops.

        • Neptune
        • Modern curves and a ridged shoulder make Neptune a bold feature in contemporary interiors.

        • Florence
        • Perfectly cylindrical, 1 inch diameter columns with clean, symmetrical tops and bottoms.

        • Grace
        • A fluted cast iron radiator with linear moulding and inclined feet.

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7 heights, 4 depths
Available up to 34 sections long 

7 heights, 3 depths
Available up to 26 sections long 

8 heights, 3 depths
Available up to 32 sections long 

4 heights, 1 depth
Available up to 24 sections long 

Replacing radiators needn't be a chore

The 150 year-old one you already have can easily be replaced with a brand new Castrads radiator.

Replacing a steam radiator?

Steam radiators are always part of either one- or two-pipe heating systems. It’s important to know which you have when thinking about replacing one.

All our cast iron radiators work with both types of system, but the configuration of a one-pipe radiator is different than that of a two-pipe radiator.

How much does it cost?
Our new steam radiators range from $800 for something small to about $2500 for a large radiator in a more expensive finish. Get in touch for a full quote

We don’t offer installation. Expect to pay from a few hundred dollars for a straight swap to a thousand or two for a more complex job.  

One-pipe steam

Usually one pipe into the radiator with an air vent on the side.

Two-pipe steam

Two pipes connected to the radiator with no vent on the side.

Shhh… just between us, steam radiators don’t have to be noisy.
Read about the causes of steam system noises and how to solve them. 

Free tech advice in NYC

Live in NYC?

We do free home visits in NYC to advise on replacing steam radiators. We’re based in Manhattan but can travel to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, New Jersey and The Bronx to offer advice on size, location, style and finish. 

Fill out the form opposite and we’ll be in touch to confirm. 

Our free design service means your new radiator will slot right into position with minimal disruption.

Complete the form below to book your free survey

Steam shouldn't leave you feeling parched

Our thermostatic valves add localized temperature control to stop you from sweltering.  

Controlling steam heat

Keep the winter air outside and save the AC for summer. Our steam valves (coming very soon) enable thermostatic control for both one- and two-pipe radiators.

Self-regulating sensors inside the valve automatically turn off the radiator when the room is a little too hot, and turn it back on again when the room cools, maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature. 

What’s more, thermostatic valves save money and reduce carbon emissions. No heating system is complete without them.   

One-pipe TRV

Creates an air barrier to prevent steam from entering the radiator

Two-pipe TRV

Closes off the inlet to prevent steam entering the radiator
Niva thermostatic radiator valve in Antique Brass

Sign up to our steam radiator valve waiting list

What type of heating do you have?

Steam radiator valves

Take control of your steam heating with thermostatic valves for one- and two-pipe radiators. 

Our valves are in development right now and due for general release spring/summer 2019. Installation is simple and the valves are cost effective. They’re easy to add to existing radiators or to install with new ones. 

Thermostatic steam valves are the perfect antidote to stifling apartments, overheated brownstones and searing townhouses.