Refurbishment Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions of our radiator refurbishment service, including what happens if we discover a fault or damage.

Terms & Conditions of Radiator Refurbishment

Last updated: January 10th 2024

These Terms are an extension to our ​Terms & Conditions of Sale​, relating specifically to the sale of a service to refurbish a customer’s own radiators, whether bought from Castrads or elsewhere, but where the refurbishment is not part of a warranty claim.

Your radiator​ refers to the item or items that you wish to be refurbished, regardless of whether it’s actually a radiator.
Refurbishment​ refers to the services you have requested us to carry out according to our Schedule of Works.
Schedule of Works​ refers to the document that we complete detailing the work that you’d like us to carry out on each radiator, which may include an email, and which you must agree to in order for us to proceed with the order.


1. We might damage your radiator

There’s a possibility that we will unintentionally damage your radiator simply by doing the work that you’ve asked us to do to it. If that happens we will always do everything in our power to repair any damage that we have caused. However we may not be able to repair the damage. If that is the case then we won’t charge you for the work we’ve done (and refund any money that you’ve already paid) but you agree that we can’t be held liable for any losses caused by this damage, either directly or indirectly.

Example: your radiator was previously plumbed into a central heating system and worked without fault. You have tasked us to refurbish it in the expectation that you’ll reuse it in the same location. The radiator is damaged during refurbishment and we cannot repair it.

By agreeing to these terms you confirm that we cannot be held liable for the cost of the radiator itself nor the cost of replacing it, nor any consequential costs such as amending the plumbing to accommodate a new radiator that is a different size to the original.

2. We might discover additional problems

There’s a possibility that we will discover a leak in your radiator that wasn’t apparent before.

If we’ve not explicitly quoted to fix any leaks then the work to do so will be a chargeable extra. Removing the many layers of paint that are often present on very old radiators occasionally reveals pinhole leaks or damaged joins. These are usually repairable, but there is a cost implication.

We will act according to the Schedule of Works that you have agreed; if you’ve asked us to repair the problems once you’ve consented to the costs then that’s what we’ll do.

By agreeing to these terms you confirm you understand that the cost we have quoted for refurbishment may change if we discover a leak and you ask us to repair it. If we discover a leak and you do not wish to proceed with the repair, you also confirm that you will pay 50% (fifty percent) of the total quoted costs, regardless of whether you keep the radiator.

3. The process might take longer than we anticipate

It’s possible that the process might take longer than we originally anticipate; old cast iron radiators can be tricky to work with and, while we use our significant experience to judge how long we need, unforeseen circumstances may mean that our estimate is wrong.

By agreeing to these terms you confirm that we can’t be held liable for any consequential losses if the refurbishment extends beyond our quoted lead time.

4. We guarantee our work, but not that of others

We guarantee the work that we’ve done on your radiator for a period of ten years after the date of delivery. That means, for instance, that if we’ve replaced gaskets, they’re guaranteed for ten years. If we’ve changed the bush configuration, those joints and parts are guaranteed for ten years. If we’ve painted your radiators, that finish is guaranteed for ten years (although if it’s scratched through wear and tear, we don’t repair that free of charge). See here for full details of our Ironshield Warranty.

However we can’t know about the integrity of the metal below what we can see. We will fix any problems for an initial period of three months from the date of delivery. After then, for instance, if a pinhole develops in the casting or if a join that we’ve not made ourselves starts to weep, if the metal cracks or a bleed valve that we’ve not replaced fails, then we don’t offer any guarantee and we can’t be held liable for repairing it free of charge. By agreeing to these terms you accept the limitations of our warranty.

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