Radiator Refurbishment

Welcome to the radiator identifier! Whether you’re a plumber, radiator aficionado or just someone curious to find out what radiator you have in front of you, the radiator identifier is here to help. 

Simply enter the characteristics of the radiator into our selection list and we will give you all of our matching results of original and modern cast iron radiators. If you find a match, we can tell you its dimensions, heat output as well as a little bit of history behind it. If you know what radiator you’re looking for, feel free to browse our manufacturers and models manually. Happy identifying! 

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Restore First, Replace Second

Victorian radiators can be fully reconditioned to run happily on a modern heating system, perfectly compatible with thermostatic valves, heat pumps and modern boilers.

Why we do it

Vintage cast iron radiators are historic relics of our industrial past that last many lifetimes.

If you’re lucky enough to own a vintage cast iron radiator, we believe the right thing is to restore where possible, only replacing with new where necessary.

View Refurbishment Case Studies

View restoration projects we’ve worked on both sides of the Atlantic.