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Effective real-life examples for heating inspiration

Our How to Heat series examines a range of installations that we think set good examples for heating best practice. We use real-life case studies to make simple and effective suggestions.

Victorian Terrace

Case study: A retrofitted 1870 terrace in South Manchester.


Case studies: A two-pipe system in Park Slope, Brooklyn. A one-pipe system in Harlem, Manhattan

How to heat with steam

Steam heating 101

British Country House

Case study: Underscar Manor, a renovated stately home overlooking Derwentwater, Lake District.

Eco Home

Case study: Lower Glasnant, a refurbished farmhouse in Powys, Wales.

Commercial Space

Give your clients a warm welcome


How to heat the warmest room in the house


4 reasons why it’s a mistake to overlook heating in the hallway. 

How to heat efficiently

Sustainable heating and energy saving

How to heat under windows

All you need to know about sizing and positioning