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We offer home visits for advice on sizing, placement and design. We'll travel a reasonable distance from any of our showrooms.

Uniquely-Tailored Advice

Our home visit service gives us the opportunity to uniquely tailor our design service to the quirks of your space.


Heat Loss Surveys

Our consultants are trained in adaptive heat loss calculations. It's not a one-size-fits-all equation: being on site allows us to take into consideration the full scope of the building envelope and advise on the exact size of radiator that's required.

We'll ensure that the radiators give the right amount of heat, taking into account the type of heat source, the insulation properties of the building and the use of the room. 


Size and Placement

We'll listen to your needs, understand the scope of your project and recommend placement of radiators that is sympathetic to both the scale and budget of the build. 

Our consultants understand what is and isn't possible in terms of plumbing. We're always happy to work directly with heating engineers.

In tricky spaces like alcoves or curved windows, our At-Home Consultations come into their own. We ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises when the radiators are delivered into position.


Form and Finish

We take stock of the project and the look you're trying to achieve and offer tailored advice on design and finish. Each range of radiators has its own benefit. We'll bring our product knowledge to your design and help to marry the two in a union that suits both property and pocket. 

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