About Castrads - Cast Iron Radiators

Castrads is a family-run business based near Manchester, England. We've been trading as Castrads since 2004, but our experience in the cast iron radiator industry dates right back to 1986. 

Cast Iron Radiator from CastradsWe produce artisan cast iron radiators right here in England and sell direct to our customers; there are no middlemen between us and you. We import loose radiator sections direct from the foundry, which are then carefully  assembled by our team of engineers to build up a complete radiator that's the exact length and heat requirement that you need. 

After rigorously testing every radiator at high pressure until it's guaranteed leak-free, our expert team of finishing technicians carefully prepare and paint the radiators in the customer's choice of colour.

We've invested heavily in high-tech two-pack paint, which guarantees a tough and durable finish with minimal odour on first operation, and also in a very fine suite of industry-leading spray booths. We sell premium radiators, and we know it's the finishing touches that count.

We really care about both the radiators that we sell and the service we provide. We're striving to be the best. If you think there's anything we can do to improve our service we'd really appreciate the feedback. Use the form below, or get in touch through our contact page.

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