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Radiator Refurbishment

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Built to Last

Cast iron radiators last not decades but centuries 
Revive yours for the next one

With a few simple tweaks, 100-year-old originals can be made every bit as efficient as their modern counterparts.

Our refurbishment service gives a new lease of life to even the most tired radiator. Our valves and accessories add a new dimension of class. 


What does it cost?

Enter the dimensions of your radiator for an
estimated refurbishment service cost.

Call us on (917) 599-9951 for a quote on this radiator. Its larger size introduces a little complexity but nothing insurmountable.

Estimated cost (exclusive of transport):


Cast iron radiators are a part of the architectural history of NYC.
We want to ensure they’re a part of its future, too. 

A Few Simple Tweaks

Our honed refurbishment process brings even the most tired-looking cast iron radiator up to date.

Back to bare iron

We start by removing the old paint. Our three shot blasting machines allow us to tackle all sizes and shapes. Our experienced craftsmen know which grade of blasting media to use, from a gentle rounded bead to aggressive chilled iron. We remove the surface coatings while preserving the original cast iron patina. 

A careful inspection

At this point we’re able to give the radiator a careful visual inspection. If there’s likely to be an issue, we’ll bring it to your attention before proceeding. We’ll only ever bill for the work we actually do. 

Updating for today’s technology

If needed we’ll replace the existing bushings, including adding a vacuum breaker on steam radiators to allow for thermostatic control. 

Old hot-water systems had large pipes because they relied on gravity and buoyancy for distribution of the hot water through the network of radiators. Thanks to the pumps inside modern boilers, much smaller ½” piping is usually all that’s required with domestic hydronic radiators.

We usually fit new bushings to accommodate modern valves, but we’ll always check before doing so.   

A Professional Finish

We powder coat cast iron radiators using hard-wearing finishes that cure to a scratch- and heat-resistant finish. We can match most color schemes, get in touch to find out more.

Signed, sealed, delivered 

Once complete, we carefully package the radiator ready for the return journey. Our honed process ensures you’ll receive exactly what you’ve asked for with no unwanted surprises. 

And guaranteed for ten years

The work we do – the finish, and new seals and components – is all covered by our 10-year Ironshield Warranty. Read our plain English refurbishment terms & conditions here