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One-Pipe Steam Valves

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Valves for one-pipe steam radiators

Inlet / outlet control valves and thermostatic air vents for one-pipe steam radiators.

Valves For One-Pipe Steam Radiators

Read about the fundamentals of one-pipe steam heating systems here.

Our Windsor XL series is a technically superior valve that allows steam in and condensate out of a one-pipe steam radiator.

Niva One-Pipe Steam TRV adds temperature control to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature and reduce heating bills.

Both ranges are available in three finishes: Satin Nickel, Natural Brass and Chrome.

We recommend 1″ valves for radiators up to 5000 BTUs and 1.25″ valves above that. Niva One-Pipe Steam TRVs are rated for use on systems up to 1.5psi. There’s no need for domestic systems to run above that pressure.

Windsor XL 1.25in NPT radiator valve in Natural Brass
Grace 4 Column 30in one-pipe steam cast iron radiator in Chalk with Niva one-pipe steam thermostatic valve