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Steel multicolumn Perfectly cylindrical, 1 inch diameter columns with clean, symmetrical tops and bottoms. With heights from 12" to 8' and built up to 6'6" long, Florence is our most versatile heating solution.

Florence 2 Column

Florence 3 Column

Florence 4 Column

Florence 5 Column

Florence 6 Column


Florence sectional steel column radiators are our most versatile; they’re available up to 8′ tall and 6’6″ long and in five depth variants; from 2 to 6 columns.

Made to order in Italy and delivered in eight weeks for Signature finishes and twelve weeks for Bare Metal finishes. Steel multicolumn radiators are suitable for closed-loop hydronic systems but not steam or open-vented hydronic systems.


Florence radiators can be curved to fit into bay windows and around columns. Florence Curved is usually produced in two, three or four column variants.

To ensure the correct fit, we’ll need to know two crucial dimensions: the chord, or width, and the camber, or depth, of the curve. When you’re ready to begin ordering we’ll provide detailed guidance.

Florence 3 Column 48in in Little Greene Cordoba

Shown above: Florence 4 Column 48″ tall, wall-mounted  and finished in Little Greene Cordoba, with Genius Smart TRV finished to match. 

Nominal heightRadiator height inc feetRadiator panel height (no feet)
Florence X Column 12in11.6 in7.6 in
Florence X Column 16in15.8 in11.9 in
Florence X Column 20in19.8 in15.8 in
Florence X Column 24in23.7 in19.8 in
Florence X Column 28in27.6 in23.7 in
Florence X Column 31in31.0 in27.0 in
Florence X Column 34in34.1 in30.2 in
Florence X Column 39in39.4 in35.5 in
Florence X Column 43in43.4 in39.4 in
Florence X Column 51in51.3 in47.3 in
Florence X Column 63in63.1 in59.1 in
Florence X Column 75in74.9 in70.9 in
Florence X Column 83in82.8 in78.8 in
Florence X Column 91in90.6 in86.7 in
Florence X Column 102in102.4 in98.5 in
Each variant of Florence is available in 15 heights, from 12″ to 8′.
SubgroupAvailable heightsRadiator depthSMAX
Florence 2 Column152.6 in40
Florence 3 Column154.0 in40
Florence 4 Column155.5 in40
Florence 5 Column157.0 in40
Florence 6 Column158.5 in40
All models are available up to six feet six inches (40 sections) in length. Steel column radiators are always delivered fully assembled and ready to install.

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Buy Florence in over 60 signature finishes as well as breathtaking Bare Metal specials.

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A vast range of sizes and finishes to uniquely fit your home

Technical details

All-Family Measurements
Grace 2 Column Specs
Grace 4 Column Specs
Grace 6 Column Specs
For all models
Section length (LS)2.38 in
Bushing length (LB)0.5 in
Bottom inlet to floor (HBI)4.2 in
Max working pressure116 psi (Hydronic)
Max working pressure30 psi (Steam)
Connections available1¼”, 1″, ¾”, ½” NPT
SubgroupDepth (D)Pipe center to wall (PW)
Grace 2 Column3.5 in2.3 in
Grace 4 Column6.9 in4.0 in
Grace 6 Column9.8 in5.4 in

Radiator length is number of sections multiplied by the section length, plus the length of the two bushings.

(NS × LS) + 2LB

CodeModelHeight (H)Depth (D)Weight (WS)Volume (VS)Top inlet (HTI)EDRHydronic (EH)Steam (ES)
CI/G2C/480Grace 2 Column 19in18.9 in3.5 in5.7 lbs0.08 gal.17.7 in1.26 sq.ft.189 BTUs302 BTUs
CI/G2C/640Grace 2 Column 25in25.2 in3.5 in7.0 lbs0.10 gal.23.6 in1.66 sq.ft.249 BTUs398 BTUs
CI/G2C/740Grace 2 Column 29in29.1 in3.5 in8.6 lbs0.12 gal.27.6 in1.87 sq.ft.281 BTUs450 BTUs
CI/G2C/1040Grace 2 Column 41in40.9 in3.5 in11.2 lbs0.18 gal.39.4 in2.65 sq.ft.397 BTUs636 BTUs
CodeModelHeight (H)Depth (D)Weight (WS)Volume (VS)Top inlet (HTI)EDRHydronic (EH)Steam (ES)
CI/G4C/360Grace 4 Column 14in14.1 in6.9 in7.3 lbs0.08 gal.12.0 in1.15 sq.ft.173 BTUs276 BTUs
CI/G4C/480Grace 4 Column 19in18.7 in6.9 in9.5 lbs0.11 gal.17.0 in1.71 sq.ft.257 BTUs411 BTUs
CI/G4C/660Grace 4 Column 26in26.0 in6.9 in11.7 lbs0.19 gal.24.1 in2.46 sq.ft.369 BTUs591 BTUs
CI/G4C/760Grace 4 Column 30in29.9 in6.9 in13.5 lbs0.31 gal.28.0 in2.86 sq.ft.430 BTUs687 BTUs
CI/G4C/960Grace 4 Column 38in37.8 in6.9 in15.3 lbs0.35 gal.35.8 in3.67 sq.ft.550 BTUs880 BTUs


CodeModelHeight (H)Depth (D)Weight (WS)Volume (VS)Top inlet (HTI)EDRHydronic (EH)Steam (ES)
CI/G6C/485Grace 6 Column 19in19.1 in9.8 in13.5 lbs0.19 gal.17.7 in2.54 sq.ft.381 BTUs610 BTUs
CI/G6C/660Grace 6 Column 26in26.0 in9.8 in18.8 lbs0.26 gal.24.0 in3.40 sq.ft.510 BTUs816 BTUs
CI/G6C/760Grace 6 Column 30in29.9 in9.8 in21.3 lbs0.31 gal.28.0 in3.93 sq.ft.590 BTUs944 BTUs
CI/G6C/960Grace 6 Column 38in37.8 in9.8 in29.8 lbs0.35 gal.36.2 in5.19 sq.ft.779 BTUs1246 BTUs


HRadiator height (including feet)
DRadiator depth from wall / baseboard
LSSection length
LBLength of bushings
HTITop inlet to floor
HBIBottom inlet to floor
PWPipe center to wall / baseboard
VSInternal volume per section
WSEmpty weight per section
EDREquivalence of direct radiation
ESSteam heat emission per section
Stated for steam temperature of 215°F at 1 psi with a room temperature of 70°F
EHHydronic heat emission per section
Stated for water temperature of 170ºF and room temperature of 70ºF

Built to order and delivered ready to install in 8 weeks.

Our Ironshield Guarantee® gives you peace of mind for ten years.