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Calculate your heat requirements in three simple steps. Save each room, download a PDF report or export a CSV.

Room Basics
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Measure the area of a window by multiplying the width by the height in {{ctrl.getUnitLabel('length', ctrl.selected_units)}}.
Use the sum of all windows if there are more than one.
Construction Materials
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{{ctrl.calc.watts}} Watts ({{ctrl.calc.btus}} BTUs) Result
{{ctrl.calc.name !='' ? ctrl.calc.name : ctrl.calc.room_type_name}} requires approximately {{ctrl.calc.watts}} Watts ({{ctrl.calc.btus}} BTUs) according to the parameters you’ve entered. This is a MARC-approved calculation and includes a 20% safety margin.

My Saved Rooms

Name Length ({{ctrl.getUnitLabel('length', ctrl.selected_units)}}) Width ({{ctrl.getUnitLabel('length', ctrl.selected_units)}}) Height ({{ctrl.getUnitLabel('length', ctrl.selected_units)}}) Room Type Watts BTUs
{{room.name}} {{room.depth}} {{room.width}} {{room.height}} {{room.room_type_name}} {{room.watts}} {{room.btus}} Remove
Total {{ctrl.totalWatts()}} {{ctrl.totalBtus()}}
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