Windsor Antique Brass Manual

Castrads WIN.MAN.A.0.AB 355512
2025-01-01 £ 66.00
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Price includes two manual radiator valves.

Manual radiator valve and lockshield pair with solid wood handle. Finished in Antique Brass. Shrouds and base plates available separately. 


Antique Brass manual radiator valve made exclsuively for Castrads. Designed to complement any cast iron radiator but equally elegant on steel column radiators. Half inch BSP to 15m compression. Bidirectional. Manuafactured to ISO 9001 and EN215. Five year guarantee.   

We recommend antique brass accessories with radiators painted in soft tones such as off whites and warm greys.  

Tech specs

Thermostatic or manual: Manual
Pipe inlet: 15mm
Pipe outlet: ½" BSP
Packaged weight: 0.85kg
Matching shrouds & base
plates available:
Available separately.
Guarantee: 5 years
Quantity in stock: More than 10.

Suggested accessories

Add matching shrouds & base plates to complete the look.