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        • Cast iron is the proven choice for steam radiators. Ours are built to last in a range of finishes.

        • Grace 4 Column 14in, F&B Elephant's Breath, Windsor Antique Copper
        • Cast iron radiators
        • A carefully curated range of styles. An unrivalled range of finishes in unparalleled designs.

        • Mercury
        • Delicate V-detailing on crisp columns, elegantly tapered feet and flawlessly blended top curves.

        • Rococo
        • Lavishly detailed cast iron radiators with an intricate floral motif and scrolled tops.

        • Neptune
        • Modern curves and a ridged shoulder make Neptune a bold feature in contemporary interiors.

        • Florence
        • Perfectly cylindrical, 1 inch diameter columns with clean, symmetrical tops and bottoms.

        • Grace
        • A fluted cast iron radiator with linear moulding and inclined feet.

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Ornate flourishes

These highly decorative radiators have Rococo flourishes and a scrolled top. Rococo I, Rococo II and Rococo III all share the same motif, creating an effortless whole-home installation in the same style. 

Built for steam

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Rococo I

Available in 3 heights
Model H D SMAX
Rococo I 22in 22 in 5.5 in 15
Rococo I 26in 26 in 5.5 in 14
Rococo I 37in 37 in 5.5 in 12

Rococo II

Available in 4 heights
Model H D SMAX
Rococo II 20in 20 in 8.5 in 14
Rococo II 26in 26 in 8.5 in 11
Rococo II 30in 30 in 8.5 in 11
Rococo II 37in 37 in 8.5 in 8


Rococo III

Available in 3 heights
Model H D SMAX
Rococo III 19in 19 in 10.1 in 13
Rococo III 30in 30 in 10.1 in 10
Rococo III 38in 38 in 10.1 in 7
H Radiator height
D Radiator depth
SMAX Maximum size for delivery in one piece (number of sections)

All models are available up to six feet six inches (26 sections) in length. Radiators that exceed the maximum size for delivery in one piece (SMAX) are delivered in two or more pieces for partial home assembly.

Remarkable finishes

We make Rococo in over 60 signature finishes as well as the complete Farrow & Ball® palette

Technical details

All-Family Measurements
Rococo I
Rococo II
Rococo III
For all models
Section length (LS) See individual entries
Bushing length (LB) 0.5 in
Bottom inlet to floor (HBI) 4.3 in
Max working pressure 116 psi (Hydronic)
Max working pressure 30 psi (Steam)
Connections available 1¼”, 1″, ¾”, ½” NPT
Subgroup Depth (D) Pipe center to wall (PW)
Rococo I 5.5 in 3.3 in
Rococo II 8.5 in 4.8 in
Rococo III 10.1 in 5.6 in

Radiator length is number of sections multiplied by the section length, plus the length of the two bushings.

(NS × LS) + 2LB

Code Model Height (H) Depth (D) Length (LS) Weight (WS) Volume (VS) Top inlet (HTI) EDR Hydronic (EH) Steam (ES)
CI/RC1/560 Rococo I 22in 22.0 in 5.5 in 2.95 in 14.6 lbs 0.18 gal. 17.7 in 1.47 sq.ft. 221 BTUs 353 BTUs
CI/RC1/660 Rococo I 26in 26.0 in 5.5 in 2.95 in 16.8 lbs 0.22 gal. 23.6 in 1.74 sq.ft. 261 BTUs 418 BTUs
CI/RC1/950 Rococo I 37in 37.4 in 5.5 in 3.01 in 20.5 lbs 0.29 gal. 27.6 in 2.52 sq.ft. 377 BTUs 604 BTUs
Code Model Height (H) Depth (D) Length (LS) Weight (WS) Volume (VS) Top inlet (HTI) EDR Hydronic (EH) Steam (ES)
CI/RC2/510 Rococo II 20in 20.1 in 10.1 in 3.14 in 14.6 lbs 0.37 gal. 18.3 in 2.09 sq.ft. 313 BTUs 501 BTUs
CI/RC2/660 Rococo II 26in 26.0 in 10.1 in 2.99 in 22.7 lbs 0.50 gal. 24.0 in 2.68 sq.ft. 402 BTUs 642 BTUs
CI/RC2/760 Rococo II 30in 29.9 in 10.1 in 3.12 in 23.0 lbs 0.53 gal. 28.0 in 3.08 sq.ft. 462 BTUs 739 BTUs
CI/RC2/940 Rococo II 37in 37.0 in 10.1 in 3.07 in 20.5 lbs 0.62 gal. 35.6 in 3.77 sq.ft. 566 BTUs 906 BTUs


Code Model Height (H) Depth (D) Length (LS) Weight (WS) Volume (VS) Top inlet (HTI) EDR Hydronic (EH) Steam (ES)
CI/RC3/470 Rococo III 19in 18.7 in 10.1 in 3.08 in 18.8 lbs 0.33 gal. 28.0 in 2.54 sq.ft. 381 BTUs 610 BTUs
CI/RC3/768 Rococo III 30in 30.2 in 10.1 in 3.03 in 26.2 lbs 0.67 gal. 35.8 in 5.01 sq.ft. 751 BTUs 1201 BTUs
CI/RC3/970 Rococo III 38in 38.0 in 10.1 in 3.01 in 34.0 lbs 0.77 gal. 17.7 in 5.86 sq.ft. 879 BTUs 1407 BTUs


H Radiator height (including feet)
D Radiator depth from wall / baseboard
LS Section length
LB Length of bushings
HTI Top inlet to floor
HBI Bottom inlet to floor
PW Pipe center to wall / baseboard
VS Internal volume per section
WS Empty weight per section
EDR Equivalence of direct radiation
ES Steam heat emission per section
Stated for steam temperature of 215°F at 1 psi with a room temperature of 70°F
EH Hydronic heat emission per section
Stated for water temperature of 170ºF and room temperature of 70ºF

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