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Whitworth Wall Stay

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A guide to positioning and installing wall stays

Whitworth Wall Stay Installation Guide

Whitworth wall stays are suitable for all cast iron radiators and steel multicolumn radiators such as Florence. They secure the radiator to the wall and prevent it from moving once plumbed in. May be used with both floor-standing and wall-hung radiators. Wall-hung radiators will require additional brackets to support the weight.


On radiators of 10 sections or less, use one stay positioned between the central two sections approximately two thirds of the way up the radiator. For radiators with an odd number of sections you can put the stay on one side of the central section or choose to use two stays for symmetry.

Polished 3 column cast iron radiator.
Mercury 3 Column 26in in Full Polish with Windsor Polished Nickel TRV. 8 Sections Installed with one Whitworth wall stay.

On radiators over 10 sections (or an odd number of sections) use two stays located a quarter in from the ends on both sides.

Two-pipe steam white cast iron radiator .
Grace 4 Column 30in in Minster White with Niva one-pipe steam TRV in Natural Brass. 11 Sections Installed with two Whitworth wall stays.

1. Drill a hole for each stay into the wall.

2. Attach the wall plate to the wall using a suitable wall plug and screw (not provided). Screw the threaded coupler into the wall plate until finger tight.

3. Measure the distance from the wall to the front of the radiator. Trim the threaded bar if necessary.

4. Screw the threaded rod into the coupler, cut end first to conceal it.

5. Screw the threaded rear plate onto the threaded rod. Position the radiator so that it stands vertically against the wall when pushed against the rear plate.

6. Add the front clamping plate. Secure with the fibre washer and front nut.