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Panel Radiator Outputs

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Calculate the estimated heat output of your existing panel radiators.

What type of panel radiator do I have?

Cast iron panelSingle panel cast iron. 1340 Watts / m2

cast iron panel radiator illustration



Single panel

One steel panel with no convector fins. 1058 Watts / m2

Single steel panel radiator illustration



Single convector

One steel panel with convector fins. 1554 Watts / m2

single convector radiator illustration



Double panel

Two parallel panels with no convector fins. 2271 Watts / m2

double panel radiator illustration




Double plus

Two parallel panels with convector fins on one panel. 2354 Watts / m2

doubke panel plus radiator illustration




Double convector

Two parallel panels with convector fins on both panels. 2983 Watts / m2

double convector radiator illustration