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        • Steam radiators
        • Cast iron is the proven choice for steam radiators. Ours are built to last in a range of finishes.

        • Grace 4 Column 14in, F&B Elephant's Breath, Windsor Antique Copper
        • Cast iron radiators
        • A carefully curated range of styles. An unrivalled range of finishes in unparalleled designs.

        • Mercury
        • Delicate V-detailing on crisp columns, elegantly tapered feet and flawlessly blended top curves.

        • Rococo
        • Lavishly detailed cast iron radiators with an intricate floral motif and scrolled tops.

        • Neptune
        • Modern curves and a ridged shoulder make Neptune a bold feature in contemporary interiors.

        • Florence
        • Perfectly cylindrical, 1 inch diameter columns with clean, symmetrical tops and bottoms.

        • Grace
        • A fluted cast iron radiator with linear moulding and inclined feet.

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Family-owned and operated since 2006

Castrads is a multi-generational family business.

Castrads, established in England, manufactures custom-built, custom-finished radiators as well as controls and fittings that are suitable for both steam and hydronic heating systems. Inspired by the past but always looking to the future, our products combine classic form and enduring functionality with the most up-to-date technology.

Founded by Chris Baylis in 2006, Castrads has since been taken over by his son Nick Baylis. Nick has built upon the strong foundations laid by his father with the help of his brother, Adam.  Adam now runs UK operations while Nick develops Castrads North America in NYC.

Beyond the family, Castrads has been built by a team of highly talented and committed individuals, many of whom have been with us for ten years plus. We’re passionate about what we do, and we do it well.  

Nick, Chris, Adam

Research & Development

Every aspect of our product design is handled by our talented in‐house design team, allowing us to continually iterate, innovate and improve.

Everything we create is digitally modelled to ensure optimal performance via stress tests, heat output tests, and simulations of heat flow within a specific room layout.

We take the design and development of these Victorian‐era products into the 21st Century by leveraging the accuracy and efficiency of today’s technology.

Research-led innovation 

We are members of both Castings Technology International and BSRIA; two professional bodies that together form a knowledge base critical to our business. Thanks to these affiliations our innovations take on the latest industry research.

Castings Technology International


Castrads tech drawing banner

Ironshield Guarantee

Your radiator is an investment for the future.
Our guarantee assures it'll go the distance.

We Guarantee, No Questions Asked

That’s why we take the utmost care to deliver a product that will heat your home and exceed your expectations. With supreme confidence in the quality of our craftsmanship, we seek to ensure the selection, delivery, and installation of your product is effortless on your part.

However, if something does go wrong with your product, you have our iron-clad guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

We won’t ask you about water pH levels before we do. We won’t ask you to flush your central heating system with chemicals first. We will just get it fixed.

Ironshield Guarantee

— Absolutely no questions asked —

People Before Profit

Castrads is a business built with people at its core.

Castrads is built on people; from those that entrust us with keeping their homes warm to those that build our radiators. We never forget that and it’s why treating our customers, staff and contractors with utmost respect is core business to us. We take pride in the training that our staff receive and the high standards to which they’re held. We think that we offer some of the best customer service in the industry and happily our customers seem to think so too.

We have a motto of People Before Profit which neatly encapsulates our pledge to treat our teams with respect, to pay them as well as possible and to offer flexible working to meet the demands of family life. We’re proud to adhere to the Living Wage, ensuring the people that make us who we are take home a fair deal.

Living Wage Employer

Two-Person Deliveries

Across New York City

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our cast iron radiators are very heavy, weighing anything up to 500 lbs. That’s why, within New York City, we offer a two man delivery service.

Radiators are delivered to your property at a designated time, and placed into position. Our teams will gladly take radiators upstairs too for an additional $40 per radiator. 

Castrads Van

— Taking the hassle out of logistics —

Unique finishes & designs

A carefully curated collection

Neptune Banner

Our wide selection of radiators means you are bound to find a design to complement your property. With unique finishes exclusive to Castrads, and stunning registered designs for products only we produce, there’s no shortage of options to add real beauty and value to your home.