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How to heat: Hallways

4 reasons why it’s a mistake to overlook heating in the hallway. 

  1. A radiator in the entrance hall counteracts the cold blast when the front door opens.
Low level 6 Column cast iron radiator on victorian mosaic floor in entrance hall.
Low level Grace 6C in Dark Grey Sparkle in Underscar Manor entrance hall.

2. Interior walls can become ‘heatsinks’ if they are not heated from both sides. You may not spend much time there, but keeping the hallway cold and only heating the living room is counter-intuitive. In fact, the heat energy emitted in the living room is absorbed into the cold wall rather than staying in the room. Maintaining a lower, but more constant ambient temperature in the hallway, helps to heat rooms more efficiently. 

3 column cast iron radiator in entrance hall of Victorian Semi.
3 Column cast iron radiator in Victorian semi detached property.

3. The halls, stairs and landings are the arteries of the house. If we think of warm air as the blood, radiators help to pump the heat around and distribute it evenly. Heat from downstairs is able to rise up through the property and filter into adjoining rooms. Provided your loft insulation is adequate, the heat emitted in the hallway will not go to waste.

Ornate cast iron radiator on landing of Victorian property. Timorous Beasties wallpaper Birds and Bees.
Rococo III in Full Polish heating the landing in a Victorian detached property, Manchester.

4. It’s often where the thermostat is. If you keep the hallway cold, the thermostat will overheat the rest of the house. To help the thermostat work correctly, make sure radiators in the surrounding area are fitted with regular valves rather than TRVs.

3 column cast iron radiator in hallway with Little Greene floral wallpaper.
3 Column cast iron radiator in Dark Grey Sparkle in landing.
Low 4 column cast iron radiator in entrance hall below coat hooks. Stable front door.
Low level Grace 4C cast iron radiator in Matt Black below coat hooks.

Being fully bespoke, our radiators can be tailored for any space. Consider going long and low to make space for coat pegs, as above, or incorporate your radiator into hallway storage. The Grace 6C 960mm (38in) shown below sits snugly within an alcove at our Chelsea showroom.

Matt black 6 Column cast iron radiator position in recessed wall.
Grace 6C in Matt Black perfectly sized to fit in this recess.