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A fresh approach to home heating

A Degree Above

Castrads, established in England in 2006, manufactures custom-built, custom-finished

radiators as well as controls and fittings that are suitable for both steam and hydronic heating systems. Inspired by the past but always looking to the future, our products combine classic form and enduring functionality with the most up-to-date technology.


Innovative Design

Our in-house designers are dedicated to innovation. We have drawn on expertise from other fields, such as automotive suppliers, to develop industry-leading heating products that surpass, internationally-recognized standards (BSRIA, CTI etc).

With a knowledge base that has been tested and honed over the years and a team of tech-minded creatives, we are continually improving upon the industry offering and our own product design. On the micro level, we have fully reworked individual components to meet our high standards, while on the macro level, we have developed an entirely new radiator range that is exclusive to Castrads.

Made To Order

Our team of experienced consultants and engineers are able to advise on both larger, commercial spaces and private, residential projects. We guide our clients effortlessly through the process of selection, sizing and installation, ensuring a product that uniquely fits your home in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

The world's best cast iron radiators

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