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Installation advice for Florence steel radiators

Installing a Florence Steel Column Radiator


Illustration of steel column radiator front view.
Florence steel column radiator with Whitworth wall stays.


Site preparation

Ensure the floor surface is level.

Know the wall material and measure for wall stays before the radiator is installed - it will make installation much easier. See our wall stay installation guide for more. 

Flow Diverter

Tall radiators require a flow diverter inserted at the bottom of the radiator to boost the circulation of water up to the top. It arrives ready installed in the radiator but it is essential that the radiator is installed so that the flow enters the same end as the diverter.

If you are having issues finding the position of the inlet diverter, you can use a pen inserted into each corner in turn until you find where it stops approximately 2" in.


All wall brackets are typically positioned two or three sections in from either end (please see diagram). With radiators over 20 sections, a third or fourth mall bracket may be required to support the weight.

Diagram of steel column radiator wall mounted, side view.Diagram of steel column radiator with wall mounted brackets.


TIP: When securing the brackets to the radiator wrap masking tape around your screwdriver to reduce the risk of damaging the paint finish. If using solid wall brackets use a rubber mallet to insert the brackets to prevent damaging the paint finish. 

It is essential that all brackets are level to ensure a vertical alignment for connecting the pipework.

Little Greene Córdoba finishes steel column radiator.
Florence 3 column Steel column radiator finished in Little Greene Córdoba.