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Radiator Assembly Toolkit ATK2


The ultimate cast iron radiator assembly toolkit. Comprises scratchless socket, assembly toolheads for either 1-¼” or 1-½” steel joining nipples and two lengths of extension to assemble oversize cast iron radiators of various sizes.

Designed only by Castrads. Made only for Castrads.

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Cast Iron Radiator Assembly Made Easy


The only toolkit you’ll ever need for assembling Castrads cast iron radiators on site. Aluminium flightcase contains non-marking 42mm socket, two lengths of extension, assembly toolheads for both 1¼” IPS and 1½” IPS threaded joining nipples and 3′ long sliding T-bar (¾” drive). 


Also included are a depth stop to make finding the join easier and a Utility Bleed Key, perfect for bleeding hydronic radiators, closing our lockshield valves and cracking open a cold one. 


The Professional’s Toolkit


At 36″ long, 5″ deep and 5″ tall, this large aluminium toolbox weighs a little over 26lbs. Components are held securely in high density foam. Instructions are included in the box. Metal parts are made of high quality heat-treated steel (EN24T).


Usage Guide


Download the Assembly Toolkit Quick Start Guide.


Download the Cast Iron Radiator Assembly Guide.



Toolkit Contents



# Part name Qty Description
1 CR-AT-101-A 1
1½” assembly tool head
2 CR-AT-001-B 1
1¼” assembly tool head
3 CR-AT-102-A 1 800mm extension bar
4 CR-AT-102-B 1 400mm extension bar
6 CR-AT-004 1
Sliding T-bar – ¾” drive
9 CR-AT-005-C 1 Scratchless Socket – 42mm
13 CR-AT-DS 1 Depth stop
14 M8 Bolt 3 M8 bolt
15 #6 ALLEN KEY 1
6mm Allen key for M8 bolt
16 BLK-AD-04 1
Utility Bleed Key


Weight 26.5 kg
Dimensions 25273 × 6223 × 2159 mm