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BVA1&2 Nickel Bleed Valve and End Cap Pair


Nickel-plated bleed valve and end cap pair milled from solid brass that’s recessed into the ½” BSP (20mm) opening of any compatible radiator. Self-sealing with a durable EPDM O-ring seal. Use a standard 13mm (½”) radiator spanner to insert into the radiator. Nickel plated finish.

Also available separately and in polished brass finish. 

We supply this bleed valve as standard with all of our cast iron radiators.  

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SKU: BVA1.0_5.PN + BVA2.0_5.PN
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Weight 0.032 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 22 mm
½" BSP Brass Bleed Valve Technical Drawing BVA1 Bleed Valve & BVA2 Blanking Plug Pair - Technical Drawing

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