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Made To Order In 12-14 Weeks
Florence Bespoke steel multicolumn radiators are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Column depths at heights from 300mm to 2500mm tall and up to 2m (40 sections) long. We offer a finish for every interior. 


Florence Bespoke radiators are made to order in Italy. They’re proven to stand the test of time

How do I choose a size? 
There’s a bewildering array of sizes available.

  • If the radiator’s going under a window or into an alcove, read How to Heat Under Windows.
  • 1800mm is the right height for tall, slim vertical radiators in most UK homes. That’s the height of the radiator in the kitchen photo below.  
  • Where a horizontal radiator has nothing above it, a 600 – 700mm panel height is about right in most UK homes. Where the ceiling is taller, (3m +), opt for a taller radiator to maintain proportions. 
  • Choose Florence 3 Column for a good balance between depth and heat output. 3 Column is by far the most popular depth. 
  • A ‘horizontal radiator’ is generally 600mm h x 1200mm w. A ‘vertical radiator’ is generally 1800mm x 600mm. These proportions do tend to look right.    

How long does it take? 
Florence Bespoke radiators are delivered in 12-14 weeks from the point of ordering. 

  Bespoke Florence Steel Column Radiator Bespoke Florence Steel Column Radiator