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Specialists In Cast Iron Radiators

Whether spare parts for a radiator refurbishment or paint and sample pots for testers we stock a very large range of accessories to install, maintain and restore an entire central heating system fitted with cast iron radiators. Key to any project is getting the right gear. We’re always on hand to give expert advice, ensuring you get the right parts first time. Don’t miss our thread size guides.

Spare Parts For Cast Iron Radiators

We’re 100% for the restoration of historic radiators. Let us help you find the right parts.

Cast iron radiators are built to last. With a few simple tweaks it’s possible to make 100-year old radiators every bit as efficient as modern ones. We stock the parts you’ll need to do that for DIY projects. 

Don’t fancy the hassle of DIY? Check out our Refurbishment Service.

Don’t miss our thread size guides.

Ideal Standard Neo-Classic, 6 Column