Florence 2 column 1800mm, 294mm


1800mm tall, 294mm wide and 65mm deep. A tall and contemporary wall-hung or floor-mounted steel column radiator with a high heat output, ideal where space is it a premium. Made in Italy.


A tall and contemporary steel radiator made in Italy. Its space-saving, modern design and clean surface make the Florence range a versatile option. Use these floor-to-ceiling radiators to put awkward spaces to work and maximise your heat output without sacrificing useful wall space. A good solution for rooms such as kitchens where wall space is at a premium but a high heat output is needed. Use as a more attractive alternative to regular steel panel radiators.

Tech specs

Length 294 mm
Height 1800 mm
Depth 65 mm
Weight 15 kg
Heat output
  • 745 Watts / 2542 BTUs (△T50)