Whitworth Antique Brass Wall Stay


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Made of solid brass with an antiqued finish. The Whitworth wallstay was crafted in house to complement Castrads radiators.
Total length:265 mm
Maximum reach (front to back of radiator):205 mm
This item is suitable for use with all cast iron radiators sold by Castrads.

About wall stays

Secure your radiator with a Whitworth wallstay. Made from solid brass and available in nine unique finishes. These wall stays feature a distinctive 'worker bee' symbol. The bee is a nod to Castrads' proud heritage of craftsmen and manufacturing in Manchester UK. Designed in house, these wallstays are the perfect match for any Castrads radiator.

We recommend one wallstay for radiators up to 10 sections long and two wall stays for radiators with more than 10 sections