• Clean curves, fluid geometry
    Clean curves, fluid geometry
    Neptune cast iron radiators: the Princess model revisited for the 21st Century.

An exceptional radiator for remarkable interiors

Neptune cast iron radiator

Modern curves and a ridged shoulder make Neptune a bold feature in contemporary interiors. Sleek feet and a striking pinched top offer an updated aesthetic to a design inspired by the classic Princess radiator. Available in four heights, Neptune is designed with cutting-edge technology, cast by master craftsmen in the EU, and assembled and finished to perfection in Manchester. An exceptional radiator for remarkable interiors.

Available in four heights and built to length for all spaces, Neptune looks exceptional in our Bare Metal finishes thanks to its wide columns. 

Built to last, and last, and last.

Properly maintained cast iron radiators will last not decades but centuries. Compare that with a steel panel radiator, which needs to be replaced once every ten to twenty years, and it's easy to see why a cast iron radiator is a sound investment for the future. 

Neptune is cast in the EU and assembled and finished in Manchester in our factory, where 25% of our electricity is generated renewably and on-site. We use recycled and recyclable packaging where possible, about 90% by weight.