Subdued Industrial

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Evoking the past with the current. Bring old industrial imagery forward with contrasting soft palettes.

See in radiator builder
  • 4 Column 460 in Farrow & Ball Off Black. with Windsor Antique Copper thermostatic valves and accessories.
  • Castrads' 9 Column 340mm radiators finished in Full Polish and installed by Dothgro in Fitzrovia.
  • Grace 6 Column 660mm in Farrow & Ball elephant's breath with Castrads Renaissance manual valves in natural brass.

Subdued Industrial

Draw together harsh environments, brick walls, rough textures, chipped wood and scuffed edges with the seamless traditional column radiators. Creating a majestic statement celebrating industry and the past.

Raw iron appearance and finishes such as Grey bronze, Pewter and full polish back by textured backgrounds and soft furnishings. The contrast of hard verses soft work perfectly together.

Finish with our classic Windsor thermostatic radiator valves.

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