Pattern me up!

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Heavy, bold patterns paired with contrasting, elegant simple designs or colours.

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  • Rococo III 470mm in full polish with windsor satin nickel trv.
  • Rococo III 768mm in full polish with windsor satin nickel thermostatic radiator valves.
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Pattern me up!

Patterned wallpaper may seem a dated thing of the past but it's back in full glory. With a growing force of designers, illustrators and artists creating beautiful and colourful concepts, its about time we let some colour and adventure back into our homes.

Perfect for any patterned print space the Duchess 780mm with its smooth surface and elegant scrolled feet paired with Windsor thermostatic radiator valves will add elegance to any interior. Choose a colour harmonising to your pattern, find a colour least used within your pattern and colour your radiators. Our H8 Gold Hammer finish looks amazing on simplistic designs and the Full Polish will work wonders in any room.

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