Princess II 550mm

Castrads CI/PR2/550 44
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Linear detailing on smooth columns with gently inclined feet. Perfect under windows at just 550mm tall. Shown here in Aged Gold with Polished Nickel accessories (in situ) and Lacquered Iron with accessories in Satin Nickel

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  • mm deep, 550mm tall
  •  Watts / 293 BTUs per section
  • Completed in 7 - 10 working days
  • Custom-built and hand-finished in Manchester

*price per radiator section

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Linear details on smooth, curved columns. High heat output and elegant design typically found in schools and hospitals. Bespoke built to any length and also available in three heights. For alternative school radiator designs see the Princess I and Duchess.

We love Princess radiators in Aged Gold with Windsor valves and accessories in Polished Nickel. 

Pneumatically assembled in Manchester and built to 1.1m for delivery in one piece or up to 2m with partial home assembly. All our radiators are individually pressure tested using industry-leading technology. Naturally, all radiators are covered by our 10-year cast-iron guarantee. 

Tech specs

Heat Output
Heat output per section: 86 Watts / 293 BTUs
Leg section height: 550mm
Middle section height: 498mm
Section length: 77.6mm
Radiator depth: 210mm
Bottom inlet to floor: 100mm
Top inlet to floor: 505mm
Pipe centres to skirting board: 107mm
Empty weight leg section: 8.05kg
Empty weight middle section: 6.38kg
Internal volume
Internal volume section: 2.0 l
Construction materials
Radiator sections: Cast iron
End caps and reducing bushes: Cast iron


Our radiators are hand assembled so we can’t give 100% accurate pipe centre measurements before they've been made. Let us know when placing an order if your plumber is planning to lay pipes before it arrives and we’ll send you the exact measurements usually within 72 hours of an order being placed. Your plumber can then drill holes in the floor and position the pipework with absolute confidence.

Installing cast iron radiators

We supply all our radiators with 1/2” BSP connections to pair with all of our valves and most valves available elsewhere too. We can provide any valve configuration but as standard we’ll always fit them bottom opposite ends (BOE).

Our radiators are sold in over 60 finishes.

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