Mercury 4 Column 860mm

Castrads CI/M4C/860 1975247
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Mercury represents the new global standard in cast iron radiators, with curves that fall gracefully into the shadows and lines as crisp and straight as a die. Mercury 4 Column 860mm gives excellent heat output from an impressive waist-height frame. Perfect for rooms with taller ceilings. 

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  • mm deep, 860mm tall
  •  Watts / 372 BTUs per section

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Mercury. A modern classic. 

Mercury 3 Column Cast Iron Radiators

The most flawlessly engineered cast iron radiator of our time. Designed and engineered in Manchester, UK.

Mercury cast iron radiator from Castrads

Representing four years of design, one hundred prototypes and the pinnacle of casting technology, Mercury is the most finely tuned cast iron radiator available today. With inspiration from automotive surface design, Mercury has curves that are perfectly blended, falling away with the shadow. It's lines are as straight as a die thanks to ultra modern mould machining technology.     

High heat in a compact footprint

Mercury 4 Column has been designed with the utmost flexibility in mind. Every heat loss challenge can be solved by the Mercury 4 Column thanks to the largest height variance in the range. From small spaces under low windows to imposing and difficult to heat larger rooms, there's a Mercury 4C for every heated environment. At just 140mm deep, it's just a tiny bit deeper than a double panel convector.    

Low frequency heat cycles

Mercury has a high internal volume. That means that once the water in the radiator is hot it'll release its energy gently and gradually into the room. Your boiler cycles less regularly than with a lower water content radiator and you'll feel fewer extremes of temperature inside your home. 

The environmentally sound choice

Properly maintained cast iron radiators will last not decades but centuries. Compare that with a steel panel radiator, which needs to be replaced once every ten to twenty years, and it's easy to see why a cast iron radiator is a sound investment for the future. 

Mercury is poured in a foundry that's powered electrically - without burning coal in its furnaces - and assembled and finished in Manchester in a factory powered by 25% solar, with responsible waste management. We use recyclable packaging where possible.

Tech specs

Heat Output
Heat output per section: 109.0 Watts / 372 BTUs
Leg section height: 860mm
Middle section height: 798mm
Section length: 58.3mm
Radiator depth: 140mm
Bottom inlet to floor: 100mm
Top inlet to floor: 823mm
Pipe centres to skirting board: 72mm
Empty weight leg section: 7.34kg
Empty weight middle section: 6.64kg
Internal volume
Internal volume section: 1.10 l
Construction materials
Radiator sections: Cast iron
End caps and reducing bushes: Cast iron


Our radiators are hand assembled so we can’t give 100% accurate pipe centre measurements before they've been made. Let us know when placing an order if your plumber is planning to lay pipes before it arrives and we’ll send you the exact measurements usually within 72 hours of an order being placed. Your plumber can then drill holes in the floor and position the pipework with absolute confidence.

Installing cast iron radiators

We supply all our radiators with 1/2” BSP connections to pair with all of our valves and most valves available elsewhere too. We can provide any valve configuration but as standard we’ll always fit them bottom opposite ends (BOE).

Our radiators are sold in over 60 finishes.

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