Panel Radiator Outputs

Enter the width and height of your existing panel radiators to find their approximate output.

Length (cm) Height (cm) Radiator type Estimated output (Watts - ΔT = 50°)
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What type of panel radiator do I have?

Cast iron panel
Single panel cast iron. 1340 Watts / m2
Single panel
One steel panel with no convector fins. 1058 Watts / m2
Single convector
One steel panel with convector fins. 1554 Watts / m2
Double panel
Two parallel panels with no convector fins. 2271 Watts / m2
Double plus
Two parallel panels with convector fins on one panel. 2354 Watts / m2
Double convector
Two parallel panels with convector fins on both panels. 2983 Watts / m2

Three Tools in One

  • Basic Heat

    Use this heat calculator for a rough idea of how much heat you need. It uses a tried and tested method based on the volume of the room - best for a quick estimate.

  • Advanced Heat Calculator

    Use this for a comprehensive heat loss calcuation that takes into account most parameters that affect heat loss in a room. This method takes a little longer to complete but is fully customisable - you can alter all values.

  • Panel Radiator

    Use this tool to find out how much heat your existing radiators emit. Great if you'd like to replace panel radiators with cast iron radiators!